Promoters Background

Shri Jaisingh Agrawal is an entrepreneur, a socialite, a leader and a politician who leads a life of humility, devotion and compassion.

He strongly believes that daily grind of hard work gets a person polished. Today he oversees the entire operations of the Shanti Group and devotes a lot of his time for societal causes. He is also the sitting MLA from Korba and is a very dynamic leader of the Indian National Congress. He holds several honorary posts. He is of the strong belief that the he has been elected as the MLA from Korba for serving people and not earning money. He has joined politics purely for serving people. That is why he has maintained his focus on business, which he believes should fulfill his monetary needs.

Mr. Rishu Agrawal and Mr. Rohit Agrawal are both dynamic personalities. They joined their father Mr. Jaisingh Agrawal even before they had completed their formal education. Life, for them, was a perfect school and experiences the perfect teacher. Trial Tribulation and hard work coupled with the vision of their father led them forward. They have travelled extensively around the globe and have studied the construction industry very closely.

Mr. Rishu Agrawal today leads the group and is involved with the Manpower Management and Strategic Decision Making for the Group. He also oversees the complete operation of M/s B. B. Verma. He has also diversified in the real estate business and as a result today the Group has a substantial land holding in the city.

Mr. Rohit Agrawal is In-charge of the complete operations of SEPL and Shanti Devi Memorial Society. He is known to think on his feet and make quick decisions - A quality essential for a operational professional. He is a man of details and ensures the smallest of details are attended to, which is the key to customer delight. He is known in the business circles for his passion and never say die attitude.