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Shanti Enggicon Pvt. Ltd.
“Shanti Niwas”
In-front of Agrasen Bhawan,
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Our Services

Earth Work, Ash Ponds etc.

Even before a road is laid, a canal is formed or a dam erected, the earth needs to be cleared for the project to make satisfactory headways. Excavation and other related earthworks calls for good planning and continued effort for the project's success. We specialize in earthworks in any strata and of any magnitude. We have also built ash ponds in the past.

Railway Embankments

A railway line is normally raised onto an embankment made of earth to avoid a change in level required by the terrain, the alternatives being either to have an unacceptable change in level or detour to follow a contour. A cutting is used for the same purpose where the land is originally higher than required. Embankments are often constructed using material obtained from a cutting. Embankments should be constructed using suitable materials to provide adequate support to the formation and long-term stability. The Group specializes in constructing railway embankments and have constructed several embankments.


Canals are man-made channels for water. In this part of the country only Aqueducts are constructed. Aqueducts are water supply canals that are used for the conveyance and delivery of potable water for human consumption, municipal uses, and irrigation.

Shanti Group with its strength in earthworks and concrete lining has a definite edge in creating large canals. Shanti Group has constructed canals under the toughest conditions.

Road work

The company has done significant amount of Road Work. Its vast construction experience and expertise makes Shanti Group ideal for taking up all kinds of road works.


The company has been involved in the construction of bridges. We have expertise in undertaking huge projects and our technological superiority enables us to provide the most appropriate solutions when it comes to construction of bridges. Our strong past gives it an impetus to forge ahead into this sector, again with guaranteed success.

Anicut Barrage

Anicut barrage is a special kind of dam which consists of a line of large gates that can be opened or closed to control the amount of water passing through the anicut. The Group has been involved in construction of anicuts Barriages and have the skill, knowledge and technology required for it.


A culvert is a device used to channel water. It may be used to allow water to pass underneath a trail, road, railway, or embankment. Culverts can be made of many different materials. The Group has constructed several culverts in the past.